Hey, Fashionistas/os! I hope everyone is enjoying the break from reality that comes from the holidays. I know we’re all super excited to start the new semester strong right? I cannot believe that 2017 is right around the corner. Where did the year go? There were definitely some fads and trends that need to stay in 2016, am I right? Let’s all make a point to come into the new year with our style on point!

This Fashionista is definitely off to a great start. This look is perfect for a night out, a party or a get-together of any sort. She took a group of the latest trends and put them together. The distressed denim jacket immediately caught my attention first. These long, baggy, distressed jackets are on the rise. I am beginning to see them more and more everywhere and she styled it very nicely with this outfit. The way she wears the jacket off-the-shoulder gives the outfit a more slouchy and edgy look. Underneath the jacket, she wore a black dress with a V-neck. The lace-up detailing of the dress adds more contrast to the look.

But wait, can we talk about those boots? To top the outfit off, this Fashionista wore a high suede black boot just under the knee, that ties all the way up the front. This matches the ties in the dress. As we can see the boots also have a peep toe and an open heel, which adds even more detail.

With all of the pieces combined this is a very appealing look that anyone can pull off. It is almost effortless. Just adding the jacket and the boots bring the outfit to life. Next time you’re looking through your closet wondering what to wear to the next event. Think about what jacket, or shoes, or accessories you have that can take your outfit to the next level. Just one or two items could make all the difference.