WHAT TO WEAR: A Fresh Perspective

Being on the job practically 24/7 is no easy task, but this Fashionista has it all together. As a journalism student working for the local newspaper, The Alligator, she is constantly on the prowl for her next big break. I love her take on an ever trusting T-shirt and ripped pair of jeans. What drew me in instantly was the Frida Kahlo print that I eyed from across the lawn. I love how expressive it is of the artistic gifts of a talented woman, a legacy that can still be remembered in the year 2017, yet remains modernized.

This Fashionista often conducts interviews of other students on campus, so her laid-back look is the best way to convey her approachability, while remaining professional at the same time. Oversize frames have been all the rage, and her clear pair is no different. These glasses give off a retro feel, which is best complimented by her rugged, girl next door outfit. In addition, they are urban and modern, ideal for the forward thinking college student.

She wears her badge of honor slung on her jeans, evoking both her credibility and the line of work she would like to follow. Since her writing is a part of who she is, this “accessory” permits her work to be a part of her personal style. Her white sneakers allow for maximum comfort and an easiness in making her way to and from work and school.

It is often to easy to fall into a funk, to find what’s first in your closet in an attempt to hurry the process that is finding an outfit in the morning. This Fashionista proves that you can tackle anything that comes your way in confidence and in style.