WHAT TO WEAR: A Case Solved by Fashion

WHAT TO WEAR: A Case Solved by Fashion

For the longest time, men’s fashion seemed a bit of a mystery to me. I knew it embodied its own complexities, but often felt they had it much easier than us. In my mind, a typical wardrobe would consist of a few shirts, thrown in a hoodie or two, the same pair of shoes and a nice pair of jeans probably picked out by their mum or sister. I would know because I have a younger brother of my own. However, all of a sudden, I noticed that men’s fashion had its own challenges, such as creating multiple looks with only a few types of pieces.

I ran into this particular Fashionisto on campus and felt his personal style changed my original notion of men’s style. He described his fashion taste as a reflection of his current surroundings and how he felt his look should complement it. There are no rules and fashion is more like a second skin that is extremely adaptable to the environment around it. My perspective became broadened as I learned how creativity can turn challenges into art.

In this look, it starts off with the basic components of a T-shirt and denim. The specific shade of green is reflective of the urban desert surroundings. It’s trendy, but not too bold. Green is the color of the year, which this shirt is reflective of current trends but blends in with the muted earth tones of the desert. The denim carries a similar concept and matches the latest street style.

According Vogue, spring and summer is a “mashup of couture hikers, ’90s street wear, a stylish sea breeze, the return of the beanie, and sportswear alliances.” These elements are shown in the outerwear and footwear portions of the look.

Lace-up boots have been worn for many practical reasons and this specific pair seems a perfect reminiscent of the combat boots of the ’90s combines with the functional hiking boot. Both pieces of outerwear carry a sporty air to them, a definite upgrade to the classic hoodie. My favorite part would be the Gucci belt that cinches the whole look together. A classic staple that needs no explanation.

It is no mystery I do a great deal of learning when on my college campus. In this case, learning to see a different perspective to a part of fashion I once thought I had all the answers to. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of observation to notice a fellow student turning a hoodie, a pair of shoes and a classic T-shirt into creative mystery only fashion can solve.