WHAT THE FLAP? The One Handbag Style You MUST Own This Fall

Every season there are whispers and guesses as to what the hottest handbag will be of the season. Will it be the oversized clutch? Is the bucket bag here to stay?

Well wonder no more, Fashionistas, as we have the answer on lock—literally and figuratively. The flap bag is the style for fall. This casual style has an inherent “cool girl” feel. We have seen it in every color, texture and combination you can dream of—and we have loved them all.

Can’t decide whether to go quilted or classic? Let these fabulous flap bags our Style Gurus spotted help secure your decision.

1. Boston University


Photo by Brielle Farruggio

2. Queens College


Photo by Paula Volos

3. University of South Carolina


Photo by Hannah Lusk

4. Fordham University

holal 2

Photo by Sahana Holla

5. Barnard College

sekiguchi 2

Photo by Reina Sekiguchi

6. University of Akron

hostetler 2

Photo by Blaine Hostetler