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What Makes College Students Press "Follow" on Instagram?

February 21st, 2017 at 2:00am

The impact of social media continues to grow daily as new “it” platforms are created and users decide to join in on the fun. Regardless of the social network, there is always a way to personalize the experience. Consider Instagram, the popular photo and video sharing phone app that has 400 million daily users. This primarily free social media network is comprised of various hubs that are dedicated to a plethora of social communities. Social media allows the masses to connect with one another through common interests.

As someone who enjoys fashion, I use my Instagram to follow a fair share of fashion blogger and fashion retail-related accounts. These accounts provide inspiration for my photography, fashion choices, and writing. I also follow a large majority of CollegeFashionista Style Guru Instagram accounts because I find the content that they post relatable to my life! However, I also tend to follow accounts dedicated to cute animals and travel destinations, completely unrelated to fashion.

We tested to see how powerful the connections of social media really are by asking four Instagram obsessed CollegeFashionista Style Gurus what types of accounts they follow and why!

Style Guru: Cassidy Crawford (@cass_crawford)

“I use my Instagram to follow accounts that I am interested in. For the most part, I like to stay connected with friends through social media, so I follow a lot of people that I know. As a Fashion Merchandising major, I am all about fashion. Therefore, I love to follow fashion retail accounts and bloggers. Scrolling down my feed, I prefer to see content that is relatable.”

Style Guru: Taylor Knox (@taylorknoxx)

“I mostly follow fashion bloggers like @chrisellelim and interior decorating accounts like @deer.home for minimalist inspiration. I also follow a lot of Minnesotan bloggers, photographers, and magazines like @treefortmagazine to stay updated with my local creative community.”

Style Guru: Brisa Gomez (@brisaamarr)

“I find myself following a lot of creative accounts. From fashion bloggers, people in the fashion industry, freelance photographers, and lifestyle accounts. It’s important for me to go on Instagram and feel inspired by all of the visuals and people that I see. It makes me think, feel motivated and shows me that the world is full of talented and creative people! It encourages me to work on my own creativity. It is honestly very cool and enlightening!”

Style Guru: Bridgit Flom (@bridgitflom)

“I follow any type of account that gives me inspiration, so a lot of interior design profiles like @designsponge, as well as quirky art accounts like @love.watts. I follow plenty of fashion and blogger accounts too, but lately I have been loving @joliejanine for beachy vibes and @josefinehj for Euro-vouge inspiration. I also keep up with a few dog accounts (check out @thedogist) and celebrities like @gigihadid for good measure!”