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WHAT I KNOW NOW—Stephanie Campbell, Social Media Coordinator at Aerie

CollegeFashionista would not be possible today without the initial trust, belief and effort of our original few Style Gurus. Before we were a network of thousands, we were a journey of a few. Stephanie Campbell was one of the original Style Gurus who helped launch CollegeFashionista not only at University of Pittsburgh, but globally.

Just as CollegeFashionista has grown and progressed, so has Stephanie in her own career. We caught up with the current Social Media Coordinator at Aerie and asked her to dispense her advice on what she has learned since leaving the CollegeFashionista nest.


Seek or Create a Leadership Role: Have your eye on the Vice President position of your Fashion in Business Association? Want to start an organization at your school? Go for it! Whatever profession you are ultimately pursuing, learning how to motivate, inspire and give feedback to others is an essential trait in any organization.

Brand Yourself: Whether it’s your first day at college or your senior year, it’s never too early or too late to stand out and define yourself. Create and develop your own personal “brand” to differentiate yourself to interested companies. Want to take it to the next level? Write down your personal attributes. Change and align your social media bios—from Twitter to LinkedIn. Create a digital resume on a website.

Get Social: There are two sides of the Social Media coin to always keep in mind. First, of course, networking is key, and it is incredibly rewarding via Social Media. Second, now that we have our new professional network; our current and future managers, fellow colleagues, parents, and teachers joining us on Social Media, it’s important to apply a filter that matches. Try this test: if you wouldn’t post that photo or status to your connections on LinkedIn, maybe think twice about posting it on Facebook.

Find Your Fit: Not sure about the Accounting degree? Want to take off and travel to Europe for a year before working full-time? NOW is the time to question and try to figure out your perfect fit in the world to make a difference. It’s okay to dream. It’s okay to falter. Everything will turn out okay in the long run.

Give Back: My favorite motto is “Doing well, by doing good”. As you grow and develop each year, it’s crucial to consistently ask yourself, “How can I give back?” Seek to empower others and share sustainable ideas that could strengthen their own future. Improve old processes with new ones that benefit others, your organization, or the environment. Always remember to give back.