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WHAT I KNOW NOW—Lexi Cross, Marketing Director at Lulu Frost

Sometimes putting yourself out there in unexpected ways can take you places you would never imagine. Take Lexi Cross, for example. This Seattle transplant moved to NYC post-college and began sharing the stories of other Big Apple transplants with her blog, “New York Called.” After featuring Lisa Salzer, the two hit it off and the next thing you know Lexi had landed a job with the designer and her company, Lulu Frost. Fast-forward a few years and Lexi has made a name for herself as the brand’s Marketing Director.

See what happens when you put yourself out there?

There is a lot to learn from Lexi and her story. Here are her five tips for making the most of your time in college and how to successfully enter the “real world.”


1. Study abroad. I never did it and I wish I had. There will always be another party, another sporting event… skip it and go TRAVEL. I firmly believe it will open up your eyes to the world around you and inspire you for future career positions (plus it’s good for the soul).

2. Stay weird and laugh a lot.

3. Spend time figuring out what your interests are. It’s just as important to discover what you’re passionate about as it is to score an A on an exam, whether it’s sewing, cooking, writing for pleasure, etc. Having personal interests makes you more valuable to employers anyway (at least in my opinion).

4. Always be nice and maintain a positive energy.

5. Get social! Start a blog, an Instagram account or establish a presence on Twitter. You don’t have to have a lot of followers but create a social identity for yourself that is both true to who you are and also resonates with potential future employers or business connections. Share articles you love, follow industry influencers who inspire you, etc.