WHAT TO WEAR: To Sweat But Still Be Stylin'

WHAT TO WEAR: To Sweat But Still Be Stylin'

I am a huge gym fanatic, so when I saw this Fashionista on her way to the gym on a sunny Saturday, I just had to stop her. Once I started talking to her, I asked her to explain her choice of outfit and she explained being comfy is her number one priority at the gym (obviously) but doing it with style was also a major key to her.

If you couldn’t already tell, she told me how much she loved to wear Nike products to the gym from her head to her shoes. She started off her gym attire with one of her favorite pair of workout pants from Nike. The white lines add that extra edge to the ordinarily black color of her leggings.

Choosing the simple colors in her pants helped her move up to her workout top of choice. She picked a cool, silky, teal top from Nike to layer underneath her gray Nike sweatshirt. This Fashionista said a sweatshirt is perfect to help you get your sweat going when you first arrive at the gym, and to take off the sweatshirt to reveal your stylin’ shirt underneath once your sweaty and warmed up. Her shoes were easy for her—she picked a pair of her fave gray Nike tennis shoes, along with her accessories of her gym bag, water bottle, and lifting gloves.

Normally you wouldn’t expect being sweaty and red in the face to be cute. However, I think this Fashionista did it like a pro, and her tips will be held in the back of my mind for the next time I’m picking out my attire for the gym!