WHAT TO WEAR: Simple Isn't Boring

It’s finals week, and you’re down to your last few pieces of clothing. You really don’t want to wear what you have either because your remaining clothes are extremely simplistic. The thought of doing laundry when there’s only a few days left of school seems silly, though. Why not just wait until you’re home? So, you settle for what’s left and try to make it work.

The key to wearing simple pieces is to spice things up with pops of color in other places. This Fashionista made an otherwise simplistic outfit look stellar by layering a patterned button-down under a white sweater. Let the collar peek out over the top and fold the cuffs over your sweater’s sleeves to create some structure that contrasts with an otherwise soft, loose piece. Sometimes women’s button-down collars aren’t very structured, so don’t need to be afraid to head to the men’s section to find a top with a crisp collar and cuffs you need for this look.

Keep the focus on the pop of color at the cuffs and the collar by pairing the button-down and sweater with some clean jeans and black shoes. Some people may end the look at that, but there’s still so many ways to add more personality to it. For this Fashionista, taking an outfit to the next level involved pairing her outfit with different kinds of accessories.

I loved her combination of accessories for this outfit. It included a stack of golden rings, a wooden bracelet, white studs, and amazing glasses. The wooden bracelet was simplistic, which contrasted well with golden rings. These stood out well against her white sweater. The Fashionista chose white studs for earrings which gave a chic vibe to her otherwise sharp outfit, while matching well with the sweater. The golden edge of the glasses matched the rings and elevated the outfit, making it appear even more sophisticated. Who said you can’t make a white sweater look great?