WHAT TO WEAR: School Is Out Edition

WHAT TO WEAR: School Is Out Edition

Hofstra students have put away the books now that finals have ended and grabbed the graduation caps. Others have begun packing up and preparing for their summer break. Although it is called summer break, we all have a while to go before the season transitions. However, this Fashionista has the process down. She decided to wear a light coat over her striped collar shirt, light denim jeans, and her rust brown boots. There was minimal make-up on her face aside from her winged eyeliner. In a time where a lot of Fashionistas have chopped off their locks, this Fashionista’s long mane will surely be a staple to any wardrobe.

Moving on to the first staple for the beginning of summer break—the soft white, button-up coat. On the days where the wind is still harsh or at late night gatherings, this light vintage style coat over your outfit can keep you warm without hiding the entire look. Under the coat, this Fashionista is wearing a black, short sleeve, crop top with a striped collar and striped sleeves. Crop tops have been making a comeback, and it does not look like it will stop. It is a versatile piece that can be paired with different bottoms and worn at various occasions.

The cuffed bottoms will also be the style to wear over the summer. This trend can go with boots, sandals, heels, or flats. Still, on campus, the boots are a better option to protect from the dirt or the cold, so take the advice and match the footwear to the proper occasion, no matter how much the sandal are calling your name.

This look is the go-to classic at the end of the semester now that the sky is clear. The snow is just a memory, and the vision of summer is within reach. The farther into the break, those boots become sandals, the hair gets tied up, the jeans become shorts, and the sweater gets put back in the closet.