With April in full swing, the rain showers are in full force, especially here in Ames, Iowa. While we are waiting for the magnificent flowers of May to arrive, we have to deal with the cold and wet weather (unfortunately). I know, getting ready and finding something cute to wear when the weather is taking its toll on your mood is hard to say the least. But a cute, rainy day outfit could have the potential to make your gloomy day bright, so consider this the next time the rain rolls around!

The number one thing that must accompany a rainy day is rain boots, of course. What is so great about rain boots is they come in an unimaginable number of different colors, patterns, styles, and lengths. You can choose to go with a simpler style and color while dressing up your outfit with vibrant colors, or you can sport more vivid rain boots while dressing your outfit down so there is no collision between the two. As for your outfit, to go along with jeans, I would recommend wearing something to keep you warm like a big comfy sweater or layer a cute top with a cardigan or jacket.

This Fashionista perfectly executed a rainy day outfit. She paired her blue jeans with a cute black top that has a cut out in the front and a cream-colored wrap/shawl for warmth. She tied the look together with her leopard print short rain boots which are perfect for this look because they match perfectly with the colors in her outfit.