WHAT TO WEAR: Follow Me to the Festival

May 17th, 2017 at 2:00am

For all the fellow music lovers out there, you know what time of the year it is. That’s right, it’s festival season. Since everyone is aware of the popular ‘Coachella Style’ or managed to get on Instagram during the week of this popular music festival, the trends began to catch on. So why not incorporate this music festival style into our everyday dress? The solution is easier than you think, and it won’t leave you trying to comb glitter out of your hair for the next two weeks.

I know that I am accustomed to seeing very colorful and wild festival outfits, but this year the festival attire seemed to take a turn in a more subtler direction. The trends have been very bohemian, which incorporate very flowy and simplistic attire. While incorporating this festival style into your everyday dress, it is important to keep flow in mind. The Fashionista above is wearing a flowy open back dress that is perfect for any summer day. What better way to make a statement than wearing a backless dress?

While the new style is keeping things simple, no one said the accessories had to be! Everything is about making a statement. While keeping the dress simple, this statement boho coin necklace can turn heads in an instant. Gold, silver, does it matter? Mixing the two is the new trend, and they are the perfect complements for each other. While trying to choose what rings to wear, simply wear them all. One can never go wrong with too many rings. Last but not least on the trends list is beading. Beads are great for accessorizing, but they are even better on the right pair of sandals. Beaded sandals give a great bohemian feel and are the perfect shoe for walking and dancing, which is pretty much all you do at a festival.

As I leave my fellow music lovers today, remember to keep things simple, but to never shy away from making a statement—the bigger the better! Always remember: Life was meant for good friends, great music, and even greater adventure.