WHAT TO WEAR: Don't Let the Gloom Drag You Down

WHAT TO WEAR: Don't Let the Gloom Drag You Down

April showers. Anyone who lives in the northeast knows that this phrase holds much truth.

Drip, drip, drop. A streak of wetness slides down your cheeks. You just got your mid-terms back, you haven’t figured out what you are doing over the summer, you processed the extra weight you gained during the holidays, and your relationships are falling apart, but you are pretty sure you are not crying—at least, not yet. Then, you look up and curse to yourself. “You have got to be kidding me.” Yes, it is raining again, and no, you didn’t bring an umbrella. Now, you panic about your hair frizzing up, make-up running down, and clothes permanently ruined. “Why can’t you at least let me keep the last bit of my dignity?”

Rain is important for keeping the earth alive, but as anthropocentric individuals it is very hard to appreciate mother nature when your life seems to be falling apart. For fashion lovers, constant rain also discourages you from putting yourself together nicely because the wearing-out process is expedited. I saw this Fashionista on one of those sad, raining days. However, she did not let the gloom drag her down. She makes a bold statement with her magenta tights, which matches with the little hearts on her boot. Then, she sneakily adds the light cyan color to her outfit by her socks and fur pom-pom sweater. I think there is nothing more rebellious than wearing fur on a raining day. In order to not detract from her colorful pieces, the Fashionista made sure to keep the rest of her outfit monochrome.

The highlight of her outfit is the transparent rain jacket. It is good to have the confidence to dress how you like on a rainy day, but it is even better to to dress how you like and not have your outfit ruined. Aside from revealing her outfit, the jacket’s transparency also makes sure that her curves are not lost. The black outlines of her jacket creates dimensions and structure in her color-block pieces.

This Fashionista reminds us not to let a bad weather stop us from looking fabulous. Let the rain cry for you. Don’t let the rain make you cry.