WHAT TO WEAR: Denim-on-Denim

It’s finally May, Fashionistas! Whether you’ve already taken your finals or not, school is nearly over for the year, freeing millions of college students for summer break. Even if it’s not technically summer yet, it’s still the perfect time to dress accordingly in shorts and breezy tops. At first glance, this Fashionista’s outfit was what I had in mind as a perfect ensemble that can transform from class attire into after school-chic.

The first part of this Fashionista’s look that caught my eye was her nice blend of denim-on-denim. A quintessential pair for summer denim shorts and a denim button-up keep the outfit casual and cool but can be dressed up with a denim skirt or switched out with a denim jacket for cooler nights. To top off her classic denim pieces, this Fashionista chose some mirrored aviators and a comfortable pair of white low-top Converse. Both accessories transition easily from class to the beach, but if you’re going to meet up with friends at a bar or party, they can be easily switched out. Try switching the Converse for some heels or lace-up flats, and you’re ready to have fun on a warm, summer night!

I hope you all take some inspiration from this look and try out one of its pieces in your summer wardrobe! Now that school is over for a few months, I know I’ll be trying out new fashions that I was too stressed to even think about during finals. Have a fun summer, Fashionistas!