WHAT TO WEAR: A Day on the Countryside

Ever take a ride down the road to the nearby countryside? Well, this beautiful Fashionista came to visit the small town of Marksville, Louisiana all the way from Brazil and left her mark.

When asking this Fashionista a little bit about her personal style she described it as “carefree chic.” To accomplish her everyday look, seen in the photos above, she typically goes for the layered look by combining cute jackets with dresses or skirts during the spring months.

This look is super affordable and accessible to an everyday Fashionista. First, start by finding a basic T-shirt dress. When picking the desired dress, make sure to get it in a color that is sure to make your skin tone or eyes pop! Then to get the achieved layered look, find the perfect thin denim style jacket or an oversize button up shirt. These two aspects will bring the entire look together and increase the cuteness of the look.

Now for the fun part! This Fashionista accessorized her outfit with very simple accessories. It’s very important not to overshadow the simplicity of the look with too many accessories. She decided to wear a basic black choker along with a charm bracelet and two dainty rings.

This Fashionista surely captured the essence of country chic, comfy but still cute. Anyone can wear this look on a day to day basis, whether on a date at the movies or a simple picnic at the park with friends.

I am so honored and truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to take part in this internship this semester. I would like to thank the entire CollegeFashionista team for all their hard work.