WHAT TO WEAR: Comfort is Key

WHAT TO WEAR: Comfort is Key

The end of second semester never fails to present itself as a hectic time. With finals, packing, saying goodbye to friends, and finalizing summer plans, the idea of rolling out of bed and rushing out the door becomes the ideal morning routine.

While the days of waking up hours early to pick out the perfect outfit may be retired until the return to school in the fall, that does not mean that it’s impossible to find the perfect outfit which balances comfort and style. This Fashionista did just that, appearing casual but still dressed up. She does this by creating the perfect harmony of combining relaxed, loose-fitting clothing with bohemian patterns and pretty little details.

The Fashionista is wearing a patterned T-shirt dress, which is arguably more comfortable than wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt. She layers her dress with an oversized knit cardigan and paired the look with simple brown wedges. She then adds her own personal style to the outfit through the accessories. She is wearing a dainty gold and pearl choker necklace, gold leaf earrings, and a couple of silver statement rings.

Together, all of these pieces join together to create the perfect effortlessly chic outfit to get her through one of the last few days of college without fail.

So, Fashionistas/os, even though the ending of college can be daunting and bleak, don’t allow it to affect your look! Instead, take tips from this stylish student to discover your own perfect balance between comfy and chic.