WHAT TO WEAR: That Awkward Weather

May 15th, 2017 at 2:00am

Going to school in Northern Virginia has its perks and its downfalls. One of the cons of living in Northern Virginia is the unbearable fluctuating weather. One day it will be 80 degrees and sunny, and another it will be 50 and raining. You truly never know. On top of that fluctuation is that the weather also changes throughout the day, I sometimes walk out the door in a sundress and by midday I am freezing and need to change.

This Fashionista battled the fluctuating weather perfectly by working with layering pieces. She first began her outfit with a loose, low-cut black thin strapped tank. Underneath that she wore a black lace bralette. Over top, in case it would be a little chilly ou,t or the air conditioning would be super high in class she wears a simple black leather jacket. To add a pop of color to her outfit, she opted for a pair of olive green jeans. For shoes, she wore a black pair of pompom low block heeled sandals.

The key to unbearable and fluctuating weather is layering. So rock that sundress to class but make sure you have a jacket just in case. You can add your bohemian, classic, or edgy style to any layer. The great thing about layers also is that it allows you to create a completely unique outfit. Someone in your class might have the same top as you but if you layer a bralette and or another top on top of it, it is not the same outfit. So this spring, do not let the weather ruin your outfits, let layering allow you to conquer the battle.