We Asked—"What is one myth about millennials you wish to debunk?"

They are selfish. They are entitled. They don’t work hard. They love selfies. No, we aren’t talking about the Kardashians. These are all phrases we have heard at one time or another to describe the millennial demographic—often said by others outside this generation (*cough, cough* parents/employers/professors *cough, cough*).

Well now it is our time to put those myths, rumors and gross generalizations to rest. We asked our Style Gurus—“What is one myth about millennials you wish to debunk?”

Here are some of the honest, surprising and often humorous responses we received—straight from the millennials themselves.

1. “Many adults in today’s society consider millennials to be self-centered. In reality though, this generation has a more open mind toward humans and accepting people for who they are.“—Alexandra Barone, Kent State University

2. “Not all millennials have a progressive view on love. Some still believe in the romantic, old fashioned kind of love.”—Laura Patino, University of Florida


3. “We aren’t all entitled, lazy kids who sit around and wait to have things handed to us. A lot of us are hard working; we set very high goals for ourselves and do our best to achieve them.”—Arielle McManus, FIT

4. “‘The younger generation doesn’t know anything about what’s going on in the world cause they’re always on their phone’ is a big myth. While the older generation might read a newspaper for news, we have any type of news in the palm of our hands.”—Rachel DrenchkoKent State University

5. “We don’t all lack interpersonal skills! Face-to-face conversation will always be my favorite mode of communication.”—Samantha Holender, George Washington University


6. “‘Millennials are selfish.’ We aren’t—we’re ambitious and goal-driven.”—Kathryn AlstonOregon State University

7. “We know our birthday is not a holiday.“—Christy Connors, Columbia College Chicago

8. “I don’t want people to think that millennials are lazy or unmotivated (which seems to be a stereotype) because I feel like I am constantly inspired by all my friends and peers. Everyone around me works so hard to achieve their goals—both career or otherwise—and I feel that it’s just an unfair judgment on our generation.”—Anna LaPlaca, UCLA

9. “Yes, we love emojis. No, we do not want to replace all words in the English language with them.“—Kelsey DaykinUniversity of Wisconsin


10. “Social media doesn’t make us stupid or lazy! It’s the easiest way to learn more about the world and be involved in popular or social movements.”—Rachel RosenstockIndiana University

11. “Myth: Millennials are all hipsters. My answer: Have you not seen me wear my Pikachu sweater and play Quidditch?“—Jocelyn Hung, Santa Clara University

12. “It’s so frustrating when people from other generations say that millennials are too reliant on modern technology, like the internet. People used to say the same thing about things like microwaves and the written language; just because we’re living differently doesn’t mean we are doing it the wrong way.”—Hannah GoldsteinSeattle University


13. “That we’re lazy… literally we’re not.”—Madison Dick, University of Minnesota

14. “That millennials are unmotivated. I feel that there are more millennials that challenge ideas and are innovators and ground breakers, just as there are in every generation.”—Dominique Norman, Washington State University

15. “We aren’t just messing around on social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, we’re making serious network connections and using the uprise of media to our own advantage.”—Tracy Pacana, Oregon State University


16. “When I hear that people say that millennials are too entitled, it makes me sad because I have met some of the most humble hardworking people who also happen to be millennials. In my network of friends, I know so many self-starters who work so hard and don’t ask for anything.”—Olivia BleekerUniversity of Missouri-Columbia

17. “That we don’t read! I love reading physical books (and not on my kindle).”—Jessica Long, Elon University

18. That we lack a work ethic. Millennials have found ways to work smarter rather than harder.”—Dominique PerkowskiRutgers University

19. “That we are all narcissistic, entitled and selfish. I love helping others in anyway possible and do so every opportunity I can get!”—Kathryn ReavenKent State University


20. “Millennials are not lazier than previous generation. Although technology makes our lives seem easier, the job market is becoming increasingly more competitive, requiring more dedication and work.“—Rachael MayroseVillanova University

21. “We love classic hits too. Not all of us listen to Lady Gaga and Lil Wayne. Just saying!“—Christian WaitesLa Salle University

22. “I wish to debunk the idea that millennials are entitled and arrogant. I believe we are simply confident in our determination to achieve our goals.”—Mikenna KellerSt. Olaf College

23. “A lot of the older generation thinks that none of us have any manners and this simply isn’t true. I always mind my P’s and Q’s!”—Taylor PalmbyUniversity of Wisconsin


24. “I wish people would quit assuming that millennials want everything now. Just because we have Google and social media doesn’t mean we can’t do our own research and wait for quality answers.”—Ashley StyersUniversity of South Carolina

25. “That they are lazy! Especially girls. Millennial women today have greater expectations then ever before. Who else can be working toward a full time career, social life, family and look amazing while doing so?”—Elizabeth DiehlTemple University

26. “That we only use the internet for ‘selfies.’ We use social media as a way to express ourselves, and in a society where self-love and confidence is so seldom, we should appreciate and encourage people to view themselves positively.”—Louise PumaSUNY New Paltz


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