We Asked Real College Students: “When Do You Feel Most Beautiful?”

While February offers opportunities and holidays to spread the love, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be celebrating your biggest love year round. That’s right—we’re talking loving yourself!

Beauty is about way more than appearance. What makes someone beautiful is their flaws, personality, hopes, fears, passions, opinions, thoughts, scars, and unique quirks. Think about it this way—out of the seven billion people on this planet, there’s only one you. That’s a pretty powerful and beautiful thing.

To really get in the spirit of this month’s theme, we decided to ask some of our incredible Style Gurus, “When do you feel most beautiful?”

Let their answers inspire you to find and celebrate your own beauty—today and every day!

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“Obviously, I feel most beautiful when I’m in a great outfit and I’ve made an effort to look good. But I also feel most beautiful when I make others laugh or make them feel good about themselves. There is something very rewarding about empowering and uplifting others and making them laugh.” – Sofina Basset

“I feel the most beautiful after taking off a full face of makeup and realizing I don’t look that different. Sometimes I forget that makeup just enhances your natural beauty, so after a long day, my bare face is a beautiful reminder.” – Zoda Carey

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“I feel most beautiful when I surround myself by individuals that intellectually stimulate and support me!” – Tabi Hosmand

“I feel most beautiful when I spend time on myself, whether that means spending extra time to do my makeup, getting my nails done, getting a haircut, or buying a new outfit!” – Shannon Oteri

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Next time you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, take a little ‘me’ time, and focus on yourself. Paint your nails, start a new series on Netflix, and light some candles. Most importantly, love yourself first. Because as clichè as it is, Bruno Mars was right—you’re beautiful, just the way you are.