13 Unexpected Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

February 5th, 2018 at 1:00pm
Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is like dancinglovingly awkward with a significant other, but even more fun with your best friends. This year, whether you’re letting your inner romantic run wild, linking up with your BFFs, or hashtagging #AntiValentinesDay until your thumbs are numb, there are many ways you can spend your February 14. Read on for a few unique date ideas that will make this Valentine’s Day fun for you and your loved ones. The possibilities are endless!

If You’re Looking for Some Solo Time:

Paint: Even if you’re not necessarily the next Picasso, you’re sure to have an enjoyable time covering a canvas. Be sure to set the mood of your paint session with an amazing playlist.

Museum Hop: V-day is sure to have a few museums open later than usual. Do your research to find special events your favorite museum may be holding that night, and show love to all your favorite pieces via Instagram.

Have an At-Home Spa Night: While admission to a luxury spa just might send your account into the negatives, you can keep it cozy, not costly, with DIY spa treatments like a honey face mask.

Visit a candy store: If you dislike Cupid and all he stands for, there’s still one major perk of Valentine’s Day that’s a total win for everyone: all those major candy sales. Use the day as an excuse to stock up on all your favorites.

If You’re Celebrating Galentine’s Day:

DIY Valentine’s Day Cards: When’s the last time you channeled your fourth grade creativity and made a card by hand? Supplies like construction paper, foam hearts, and print-outs of your favorite Hallmark-worthy memes are perfect for putting a smile on your faces, all for less than $10.

Rock Climbing: Even if you love competitive activities, chances are you haven’t done this in years. Who wouldn’t enjoy a day of being adventurous and reliving childhood summer camp memories?

A Bike Ride: For guaranteed funny stories and inside jokes for years to come, try hitting the road and going on adventure with your BFFs.

Arcade Night: This is your chance to show your friends who the ultimate Dance Dance Revolution queen is—that’s you of course! No arcades nearby? Pick up a few board games instead and call a game night in your dorm room.

Roller Skating: Nostalgia, chain-skating, great music, and a chance for you all to show off your skills on the rink.

If You’re Having a Special Night With Your Significant Other

Cook a Homemade Meal Together: Why spend over $75 on a fancy dinner date, when less than $30 of groceries get you the ingredients you need to cook a meal straight from the heart? No matter how the meal actually turns out, it’s the fun process and time together that matter.

A Hike With a View: No need to stay inside and cuddle on V-day. Head to the great outdoors and hike the day away. A great view at the end of your adventure will just be the cherry on top.

Surprise Postmates: What’s better than making a home-cooked meal with your S.O? Not cooking at all! Rather than ordering your own food, surprise each other with an order you think each other would love.

Planetarium and Chill: Gazing at the stars is cool and all, when it’s not 20ºF outside. Check for locations near you for an equally romantic indoor alternative.

How do you plan on spending your Valentine’s Day this year? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured photo by @cataucker.