Once Upon a Pair of Mom Jeans

June 5th, 2017 at 2:00am

After ordering my first pair of high-waisted mom jeans from PacSun, I instantly became so obsessed. If you ever feel like you have no idea what to wear, put on some mom jeans because they can honestly pair up with anything and it gives a hint of vintage style. They’re also super comfy to wear because they’re not too tight. It’s almost the month of June and the weather is still staying in the ’60s and ’70s. This gives me an opportunity to take advantage of the cool breezy weather and bring out my favorite pair of mom jeans!

For this mom jean look, I decided to mix vintage, retro, and street style together. I threw in this leather jacket from Forever 21 to give it a more modern and contemporary look. A leather jacket is also my favorite thing to wear because it also goes with anything I put together. This black leather jacket made my whole outfit stand out and made it look edgier.

Since I wore plain neutral colors and didn’t wear any patterns, I added a trendy black faux crocodile belt to spice things up a bit. This gave my outfit more detail and definition. The silver designs on the belt can easily stand out from the neutral colors I wore.

Reflective sunglasses are cutting edge at the moment. These trendy glasses also helped this outfit look more edgy and detailed. Whenever I wear reflective glasses it makes me feel like a rockstar. A bit of advice: if you ever feel like your outfit is too empty or too plain, adding a pair of reflective sunglasses will definitely add boldness to your look.

To finish off this look, I wore these black loafers to go with the vintage mom jeans. These slip-on loafers are super chic and in-style at the moment. I love wearing these with jeans. Another tip: pair up your favorite loafers with floral print jeans or shorts. In my opinion, these shoes give off a posh and sophisticated style.

Living next to the Big Apple has given me the chance to see so many Fashionistas around sharing their opinions on current trends. Walking around the city, you get to see how each individual styles similar pieces differently. For that reason, I am constantly being inspired!

What is your favorite trendy item to wear? Let me know in the comments below!