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9 Ways To Revamp Your Look That Will Cost You $0

January 9th, 2017 at 2:00am

Whether your resolution is to spend less money or your bank account is looking super sad post-holiday season, everyone seems to be curtailing their shopping habits for one reason or another.

The problem? Just because you don’t want to buy anything new doesn’t mean you still don’t want something new. Seems logical, no?

Luckily you can have it all! By looking at what you already have in your closet and thinking creatively, you can have a totally transform your look.

Check out these nine ways you probably didn’t think of to revamp your look without spending a single cent!

1—You know those baggy boyfriend jeans your sick of? Grab some scissors, razor and/or sandpaper and suddenly you have a new pair of distressed pair of denim you love! (Photo via @katiehickman_)

2—Forget your personal policy to never wear glasses out of the house. Rock your specs to class or even dinner with your friends for a look that is spec-tacular. (Photo via @oteris)

3—Bring back your summer favorites this winter. Your white shoes will add a fresh update to your cold weather wardrobe. (Photo via @gabscherer)

4—Tired of wearing that turtleneck? So over that slip dress? Fall back in love with these staples by wearing them together. (Photo via @jennifermotaval)

5—Still home for winter break? We have a great place you can shop for free: your parents’ closets! “Borrow” a belt of your mom’s from the ’80s or an old blazer of your dad’s for a new look that will cost you all of zero dollars. (Photo via @amberiman)

6—Dress pants and sneakers. Sweatshirt and knee-high boots. Take two pieces in your closet you would never think of wearing together and, well, wear them together. (Photo via @velvetnvinyl)

7—Bored with your ‘do? Get your trusty scissors (and a stead hand) and cut straight across bangs for a bold look in a few snips. (Photo via @ravenbenet)

8—Wear your gym headband in a less sweaty situation for an athleisure look that is actually one part athlete. (Photo via @samusibiya)

9—Don’t just save your favorite red lipstick for your next GNO. Make your pout pop and overall look dazzle on your first day of class with a bold lip. (Photo via @alisapavia)