Unleash Your Wild Side—Five Faux Fur Looks for Winter

If you have ever wanted to leave your dorm wrapped in a fuzzy blanket, but have enough self control not to, then opting for a faux fur layer might be your next best option. With winter absolutely nowhere around the corner, incorporating this fuzzy favorite into your look can be done so minimally. However, you are welcome to go full J-Lo if the weather calls for it.

So for those of you who consider leopard print to be a neutral (which, let’s be honest, it is), then this trend should be right up your alley. Slowly un-wrap yourself from the fuzzy blanket and check out these Fashionistas who are showing how to rock neutral toned faux fur for the summer. I mean, winter.

1. Kent State UniversityKramerFur-2

Photo by: Allyson Kramer

2. Central Michigan University


Photo by: Alexis Kelly

3. University of Toronto


Photo by: Ally Scandolo

4. Kent State University


Photo by: Candace Sanders

5. Fordham University


Photo by: Christina D’Ambrosio