The Unexpected Textures Of The Season You Have To Try

September 5th, 2016 at 2:00am

It happened like this: for years I associated frivolous silks and satin-y dresses with my grandma’s closet, no doubt the remnants of a 1950s heyday. Lace was reserved for dressing up for church on Sunday. I even remember a pink ribbon my mother tied in my hair for a 5th grade picture day—to my horror that photo was eternalized in a lacquered frame for years to come. And then, just as the pajama shirt trend emerged on the fashion sphere, soon to follow suit were silk slip dresses and camisoles. You know the kind—you cannot scroll throw your Instagram feed lately without seeing these effeminate textures in #OOTDs everywhere.

Feminine, ladylike and elegant, materials like satin, silk and lace no longer connote a “matronly” wardrobe. In fact, these pieces in shades of cream, blush and pastel feel just as vintage as they do on-trend and current. I’ll even bet that you already have a few pieces like these in your closet. And if not, not to worry, Fashionista’s! Raid your local vintage store (or even your grandma’s closet) and you’re sure to discover a hidden gem among racks of forgotten items.

Check out how these Style Gurus are rocking these textures in unexpected new ways!

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