TWENTY QUESTIONS—Aisha Hatter, CollegeFashionista's Marketing Manager

It’s STYLE GURU BIO week here at CollegeFashionista. While we are busy getting to know the #RAD team of 2,000+ Style Gurus who make up our #GuruGang this spring, we figured it would be a great time for you to learn a little bit more about the team here at CollegeFashionista!

All week long, as you read the bios of your favorite Style Gurus, be sure to check out the homepage as we play “20 Questions” with a member of the CollegeFashionista team.

Last but certainly not least is the final member of the CollegeFashionista Girl Gang—Aisha Hatter. Sure, she is a major hustler and manages the CollegeFashionista brand campaigns like no one can, but did you also know she is our resident office DJ and selfie queen? Want to know more about this international woman of mystery (seriously, she was born in Thailand!)? Read on!


Must-have accessoryRight now I’m super into bandanas—so much so that my brother asked me when I would be heading off to tend to my crops.

Most worn item in your closet? My favorite vintage leather jacket. I used to wear it in the middle of summer and almost died like three times.

Most surprising website you visit on a regular basis? WebMD. I’ve become really good at convincing myself that I’m dying from a terminal illness.

Text or phone call? Phone calls because I need to know what’s going on right now and hate waiting for a response.

Your perfect day starts with…knowing that I get to go back to sleep because it’s Saturday.

Your perfect day ends with…takeout and a movie marathon.

Favorite meal? Can’t even pretend to be cool or trendy on this one, definitely a Shack Burger and fries from Shake Shack.

Weirdest thing you have ever eaten? I used to live in Asia so I grew up thinking “weird things” were normal but probably duck tongues.

Life motto? Say yes more than no.

Favorite song lyrics? “It’s the freakin’ weekend baby, I’m about to have me some fun.” – R. Kelly

Pet peeve? People who casually whistle in public.

Biggest fear? Heights and lizards.

Last show you binge watched? Master of None.

Favorite garbage TV program? Hoarders or pretty much anything on TLC that could convince me that I might be pregnant and not know it.

Favorite internet rabbit hole? YouTube. I go on to watch one video and pretty much always end up on a stranger’s flash mob engagement video, in tears.

What is your spirit animal? Any animal on Barkbox’s Instagram. I relate to anything so ugly and weird that it’s cute.

Most random fact about yourself? I’m part Thai and I was actually born in Bangkok.

Favorite genre of music? According to Spotify it’s “noise pop,” but I love one hit wonders and anything from the ’80s.

Favorite app? Instagram.

Proudest moment of your life? My one year anniversary in NYC. If you can get through a full year in this city, you can get through anything.