How to Be Trendy in the Big City

August 8th, 2017 at 2:00am

One thing that I’ve learned while living in the Big Apple this summer is that anything and everything goes when it comes to fashion. The company I interned with had a fun and casual dress code, which gave me the freedom to express my personal style without having to be “business professional.” This was a blessing and a curse because I had to create new looks each week! Here are three of my personal favorite tips to help you Style Guru’s fit in with those trendy NYC gals.

Invest in Cute, Everyday Walking Shoes

For those of you who follow those inspiring bloggers, they don’t walk an average of six miles a day because they can afford to Uber everywhere! Ditch those overpriced, unbearable heels that you know you can barely walk in. One step on those Soho cobble stone streets and you’re a goner. Try something more edgy and comfortable. I invested in a pair of super amazing Steve Madden slip on shoes that can be paired with basically any outfit!

Black is Always In

I’m the kind of girl that usually only wears black anyway, but living in this city it was a well-known fact that black is always in. One can never go wrong with a basic black top and those distressed jeans that everyone can’t get enough of. I bought both a black body suit and a pair of high-waisted jeans that are now my favorite go-to’s. These items are easy to mix and match with. Spice up the black body suit with a fun belt or body chain. They’re worth the investment trust me!

Dress for You and You Only

I love expressing my style in this city because everyone is vastly different. Even with millions of people and similar trends, everyone always adds their personal flair to their combinations of outfits. The other day my roommate and I stumbled upon a vintage shop and we made an impulse purchase of these ridiculous see through glasses. They are by far one of my favorite purchases I made here and it adds my own personal touch to my unique style. So buy and dress whatever suits you best!

Well my little Fashionistas, what are some of your favorite trends and how do you add your personal touch to it? Let us know in the comments below!