The Most Fashionable Girl You Know Probably Owns These 6 Sandal Styles

The weather is warming up and cherries are back in season. You know what that means? That’s right, summer is quickly approaching! (Praise hands emoiji.) To celebrate, it’s time to retire those combat boots, whip out your favorite summer sandals, and let your toes finally breathe.

Whether you’re packing a suitcase for a vacation in the Bahamas or preparing for an extended stay at summer school, there’s no question that a change in fashion is something worth getting excited over. If you’re in the market for a new favorite pair, take some inspiration from our rad Style Gurus. From jelly sandals to good ol’ Birkenstocks, our Fashionistas offer an interesting variety that will make you want to run over to the nearest mall ASAP.

“I’m super obsessed with jelly sandals. They make me think of summer when I was little and they’re quick and easy to throw on when you’re on the go.”—Elizabeth Morales, DePauw University

“Honestly my favorite sandals are my Birkenstocks! They are incredible versatile where you can wear them to the beack or out with friends. I feel like they’re kind of the ‘anything goes’ sandal!” – Mariana DeBare, Brown University

“My favorite summer sandals is the tie leg sandal. They seem way better for when I go to the beach because I getting sand in my shoes but these would be so simple. I think they are super elegant and really versatile for whatever look you’re going for.” – Chloe Williams, Hunter College

These are my favorite summer sandals because they are very comfortable and go with my summer wardrobe. I wear them with everything: jeans, shorts, and dresses.” – Kelly Flood, Oneonta State

“My for sure go-to summer sandals are PLATFORMS! I can’t stop buying them lately. Super cute, adds the extra height, and getting ones with details make it even more fun to wear.” – Soni Solano, FIT

Brown gladiator sandals! They are my ultimate go-to and can work with any outfit.”—Maria Elekes, O’More College of Design

“These espadrilles are by far my favorite. They are so unique and…they match my whole wardrobe which makes them really practical. My favorite thing about them are the silver studs at the bottom!” – Phoebe Vatis, Boston University

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