Trending in Turtlenecks—The 4 Must-Have Styles And How-To Wear Them

The charm of fall is quickly fading as the temperatures continue to drop. Remember how excited you were to sip your first PSL of the season? Or when you got to bust out your favorite sweater? Now, it’s dark at 4 pm and you complain if the temp drops below 45 degrees. The bad news? We haven’t even hit winter yet…

As your enthusiasm for the season begins to dim, we have one surefire way to raise your spirits. Raise your neckline! The turtleneck in all it’s glory is a fashionable and practical way to combat those cold weather blues.

And the best part is there are not one but four turtleneck styles we are obsessed with. CollegeFashionista Style Guru and turtleneck aficionado, Shelby Howell, nails each style. Check out her pictures below and our suggestions on how to wear the four must-have turtleneck styles this season!

Classic: This is the style that your mom (and TBH—your dad) was rocking in all your baby pics. The classic turtleneck is thin, tight-fitting and the best layering piece to happen to chilly necks. Can’t decide whether to wear a T-shirt/sweater/dress or turtleneck? This style allows you to wear both and not think twice about it. (Get a similar style at Gap, $21)


Cowl neck: This style is perfect for those of you who want to look sophisticated while also feeling like you are wearing pajamas. (Which is everyone, no?) The thicker, more loose fit of the cowl neck is like a wearable blanket. Plus, when you unravel the neck, it can pretty much cover your face. So come winter, you don’t have to freak out about forgetting/losing your scarf. (Get a similar style at Uniqlo, $40)


Mock: Indecisive on your feelings toward the turtleneck trend? The good news is you don’t have to commit, thanks to the mock neck. It’s not a scoop; not yet a full blown turtleneck. So stay true to yourself (while also looking rather elegant in the process). (Get a similar style at H&M, $25)


Dress: Does the thought of wearing a dress anytime the temperature dips below 40 make you want to cry? Same. Luckily the turtleneck dress provides that extra bit of warmth your bare legs will so desperately crave. It’s also a super versatile piece. Business on the top; party on the bottom. Most stylish fashion mullet ever. (Get similar style at Target, $30)


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