The College Beauty Awards Are Here

When trying to find a new beauty product, the process can be i. overwhelming (Amazon has over 30,000 face washes…); ii. unrealistic for a college budget ($200 for a serum? Sorry no.); and iii. unpredictable (Does that shampoo actually create volume, smooth, and solve work hunger? Seems too good to be true…).

So after exhausting yourself on the internet and Instagram, what’s the first thing you do? You ask your friends for their recommendations, right?

That’s exactly what we did here at CollegeFashionista! We asked our thousands of college-age contributors to give us a glimpse into their make-up bags and medicine cabinets to share their favorite, must-have, can’t-live-without beauty products.

And boy were there answers enlightening! Instead of keeping it all to ourselves, we decided to share this amazing intel with the world…

Welcome to the College Beauty Awards!

The College Beauty Awards is a destination showcasing the top products across 20 different categories picked by CollegeFashionista’s Style Guru community. And it’s not just their selects we’re sharing. There is also information on how to use each product, real testimonials, shoppable access, and tons of photos.

From makeup to skincare, natural beauty to haircare, we’re sharing which products reign supreme with these college influencers.

Want more?

Want to know if the most buzzed about products live up to the hype? Curious what drugstore products we swear by? Looking to discover a new favorite brand? Want to pick the brain of industry insiders, like Michelle Phan and Byrdie’s Editorial Director, Faith Xue? All these questions and more will be answered throughout the month with engaging content on and across our various social media platforms!

Join the conversation!

We want you to join the conversation and share your favorite products, beauty hacks, and more! Be a part of the College Beauty Awards by tagging @CFashionista and using the hashtag #CFBeautyAwards.