Top 5 Ways to Stay Hydrated on All Your Adventures This Summer

Top 5 Ways to Stay Hydrated on All Your Adventures This Summer

Drinking enough water is not just important for regulating the normal systems in your body, it also plays a big role in helping us maintain good skin and hair, along with a higher energy level. It is important, now more than ever, to be on top of our water intake because of the summer heat. However, we shouldn’t let a little heat kill our vibe! That’s why I’m here to tell you some easy ways to get more water in so you can go on as many summer adventures as you can before classes start again.

1—Eat your fruits and veggies. Listen to what your mother always told you and be sure to eat your fruits and vegetables. Choosing foods with a lot of water in them—such as watermelon or zucchini—is a sneaky way to help you stay hydrated.

2—Decrease coffee and soda intake. Caffeine and sugar can dehydrate your body and can actually make you feel worse after the initial high they give you. If you don’t want to cut out coffee, soda, and sugary drinks completely, you can aim for decreasing the amount you consume to make sure your body has enough water and energy to take on the day. Some easy substitutes include tea or sparkling water.

3—Make your own popsicles. In my opinion, homemade popsicles are always more fun than store-bought popsicles. All you have to do is get some popsicle molds, or even a plastic cup, and freeze your favorite juice! If you absolutely can’t wait for your concoction to freeze, then store-bought popsicles are another good choice to keep your hydration levels high.

4—Choose soup. The main idea here is to increase the amount of liquids you put in your body, so eating soup for a meal is only logical. There are so many different types of soup, so you’re sure to find a variety that fits your summer mood.

5—Drink smoothies. If eating fruits and veggies is not your thing, you could try drinking them. You could make them in the morning or stop by your favorite smoothie shop on your way to you next summer adventure.

How do you stay hydrated during the summer? Let me know in the comments below!