Tips and Tricks for Landing Your First Job

Tips and Tricks for Landing Your First Job

I’ll never forget the feeling I got after receiving a call back from Anthropologie letting me know I got the job—it felt almost as if I had won the lottery. Working at Anthropologie was my first “real job” in the sense that I wasn’t just babysitting the kids across the street: I applied online, submitted a résumé, and came in for two separate interviews, one in a group setting and another one-on-one. I felt lucky knowing I stood out among a strong group of candidates for the sales associate position; each was unique, with a background in fashion and retail. I wanted to share with you some advice for landing your first job, whether it’s at a clothing store near campus or a post-college career.

PHOTO: Amber Sudra

find what makes you stand out

In a world where the competition for almost all jobs is fierce, what sets you apart from other applicants is likely the difference between receiving an offer and not. Highlight your special skills in your résumé and interview. Did you grow up in a Spanish-speaking household? Mention that; employers are often thrilled to hire a bilingual candidate. Did you pass your computer science class with flying colors? Companies want to know. Whatever it may be, employers are always looking to add diversity to their teams. Show them you can offer a fresh perspective.

PHOTO: Maddy Haller

do your research

One of the worst things you could do is come unprepared for your interview. Employers want to make sure you’ve done your research and understand the company’s mission before offering you a spot. Make sure you can answer questions about the company, such as why you want to work there and how you would fit in. If you don’t have an answer, Google is your best friend. Research the company’s history and decide how your strengths and weaknesses make you a good fit for the position.

PHOTO: Ali Bell

dress the part

You’ll want to be sure you’re wearing the appropriate attire to the interview. For example, a pencil skirt and a button-up blouse—what you may believe is proper interview apparel—actually isn’t appropriate if you’re applying for a job at Urban Outfitters or another trendy clothing store. Instead, try wearing a funky jumpsuit that’ll make you stand out from the crowd.

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Featured photo by Julia Michael.