Tips for the Summer Fashionista On-the-Go

After crying in the library at two in the morning, crying while departing friends that were strangers nine months ago but you can’t imagine your life without now, and (hopefully not) crying when you check your final grades, summer is here. The perfect way to de-stress is with a full summer day, so roll out the squad.

Can’t pick just one place to go on the perfect summer day? It’s summer, so go everywhere! This Fashionista found herself with a full day of summer adventures ahead of her, so layering is key. Starting the day at brunch with the besties, the floral dress with platform sandals and initial necklace gives a girly yet chic impression. No ideal summer days come without being breezy and ending up wherever the wind takes you. After spontaneously deciding to go to the beach, this Fashionista was ready. The back of the dress has an opening that would typically be styled with a bralette. However, knowing there was a chance for a beach trip, she styled it with a bathing suit that mimics a bralette.

When it came time to go to the city, this Fashionista was ready! The dress gave her mobility to dance the night away and the platform sandals mixed comfort with an edge.

Don’t ever underestimate the power of layering! One outfit can serve many purposes, so grab your squad and hit the town (or many towns).

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