3 Easy Ways to Transition Your Summer Style Into Fall

September 26th, 2017 at 1:06am

We’ve all heard of the old, overstated fashion rule, “No white after Labor Day.” People commonly used to say that wearing white after the holiday is a fashion faux pas, but the arbitrary rule urging people to start wearing color nearing the end of summer isn’t as relevant in our present day. Even though this rule and other so-called fashion rules seem to have aged, when the weather starts to get crisp and the leaves start to fall, it may still seem hard to know what to wear on a day-to-day basis.

Transitioning our wardrobes from bikinis and and shorts to weather-ready outfits can seem hard when we really don’t want to get rid of any last inkling of our summer breaks. As the temperatures slowly drop, we can start to anticipate longer sleeves, fuzzier socks, and layers. It may be hard to let go of your summer outfits initially, so here are some tips on how to transition your outfits slowly into the new season.

PHOTO: Ali Bell

1—Add jackets/layers to your summer clothing pieces

As fall approaches, the weather may seem to be constantly fluctuating on a daily basis. It may be warm enough for a dress but too windy to bear a sleeveless outfit. Adding a cardigan or jacket over your favorite summer dress will keep you warm on those days that aren’t too hot but aren’t also too cold.

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

2—Incorporate fall colors into your closet

Pantone curates color reports for each fashion season, which can help you in seeing trending colors to add to your personal style. You can start to slowly incorporate fall pieces into your wardrobe by starting with a maroon top or an orange scarf, for example.

PHOTO: Cassidy Clark

3—Pair your summer clothes with fall accessories

Instead of shoving your summer clothes to the back of your closet, pairing them with fall accessories, such as scarves, tights, and boots, can easily transition your summer style into the fall season. Accessorizing your favorite summer outfit can bring you the right amount of warmth and comfort. This way, you are able to recycle your favorite summer pieces into the colder fall weather.

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Featured photo by Lindsay Thomaston.


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