The 10 Best TikTok Accounts to Follow for Skincare Advice

The 10 Best TikTok Accounts to Follow for Skincare Advice

TikTok has slowly become a one-stop ‘shop’ for everyone’s needs. From offering relationship advice, to cooking hacks, to skincare tips, TikTok seems to have everything. Dubbed “#SkinTok,” the skincare side is brimming with over a billion videos from medical professionals and skincare junkies alike, recommending products and offering advice. #SkinTok can be a great resource as you navigate your own skincare journey since going to a dermatologist or trying the trial-and-error method with your skin can be expensive and traumatizing. But, on the other hand, not every piece of skincare advice on TikTok is reliable. It is always important to know who to trust. The below accounts are run by dermatologists, estheticians, and licensed professionals you can count as reliable sources. You can rely on these accounts for skincare advice backed up by expert credentials and knowledge.

01. @dr.tomassian

Dr. Tomassian is a dermatology resident who offers advice and tips relating to skincare. He also incorporates humor and trending sounds into his videos to make them more exciting and interesting to watch.


One facial ain’t gonna fix that hunty 🙃 I gotchu #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #esthetician #skincare

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02. @skinbyliss

This account is run by Alissa Striebel, a licensed esthetician. She recommends more affordable and accessible, yet high-quality, skincare products that you can find at Target. She also reveals a few ‘skincare secrets’ that she has learned through the years as an esthetician. 

03. @itsmarismarie

Marissa Marie is a dermatology nurse that makes skincare-related TikTok videos that include recommending products and warning her viewers about which products to stay away from. She also runs us through her personal skincare routines. 

04. @beauty.with.cait

Run by a chemical engineer with work experience in the beauty industry, @beauty.with.cait is a skincare TikTok account that recommends and analyzes beauty products based on their ingredients and chemicals. She also does ‘get ready with me’ videos with skincare and makeup products she owns. 

05. @denverskindoc

This account is run by a board-certified dermatologist whose videos mainly consist of him going to stores and telling you what products to buy or not buy with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’. He also speaks of experiences with his patients while using trending sounds and topics.

06. @shamrinv

Run by a medical esthetician, this account usually has videos about which skincare products are good for each skin type from sensitive skin to oily skin. Shimrani also gives reviews on particular products after trying them.

07. @caressmd

This account not only recommends products for those with acne-prone skin but also shares tips on everything you need to know to get healthy skin. She even recommends what kind of pillowcases to use!

08. @rocio.roses

Rocio Soria makes TikToks with skincare tips, skincare product reviews, and even makes videos with makeup tips and tricks. She has over a million followers on TikTok who love her videos about which products are not worth your money where she proves the point that ‘expensive does not always mean better.’ 

09. @dardarkbeauty

This account is run by skin enthusiast, Karla Ochoa. One of her most viewed videos is a TikTok about how she healed her skin barrier and what products she used. She also has tips on makeup and skincare routines. 

10. @kendrathemom_

Run by a medical aesthetician, Kendra, this account talks about all things skincare. She makes videos about what skincare products and items are usually unnecessary for your skin or harmful for it. She also does certain videos where recommend drugstore skincare products. 

Now that you’ve reached the end of this list, you should probably open up #SkinTok, follow these accounts and start your beautiful and exciting journey to healthy, glowing skin. Remember to be patient with your skin and love yourself no matter what step of the journey you are on!

Featured image by KoolShooters on Pexels.