TikTok is Making Everyone Bleach Their Brows, Here's How to Get the Look

The other day, I asked my boyfriend, “What was the first thing you noticed about me?” His response surprised me a bit. He said, “Probably your eyebrows.” I thought, what a specific thing to say. Eyebrows? Really? Then, I thought about it for a second and remembered I have the bushiest, darkest, brows of all time (I thank my mixed-Asian genes).

When I discovered the “light brows” filter on TikTok, my first thought was no way. There is no way this would work for someone with dark eyebrows like me. I figured I would look like something out of Men in Black. But, when I went to try the filter on myself, I was pleasantly surprised with the results— and I wasn’t the only one. Users across the TikTok app are following the advice of the filter and bleaching their brows at home. Some are posting tutorials and process videos, while others have found ways to mimic the “light brows” filter without having to drop $20 on dye.

Here is everything you need to know about achieving the high-fashion model look for yourself:

Reaching for the Bleach

If you know you’re ready to go all-in but are intimidated by the endless shelves of drugstore dye options, no need to worry. These TikTok creators have done the heavy lifting for you, and they’re here to share their experiences. 

In her videos, @gemmacarc1a shares both her process and products used. After prepping her skin with vaseline to prevent burns, she went in with the L’Oreal Paris Feria Platinum Bounce Bond Care Lightening System, which comes with both bleach and toner. Per the package instructions, she left the bleach on for ten minutes and immediately followed with the provided toner for five. The result was a gorgeous brown-blonde color that suits her so well. She also mentioned purchasing Just For Men Mustache and Beard in case the process went awry and she wanted to dye her brows back to their natural shade.

Photo via Amazon

L'Oreal Paris Feria Platinum Bounce Bond Care Lightening System

Available for $16.75

Photo via Amazon

Just For Men Mustache and Beard

Available for $9.94

User, @em.ill.ia took a similar approach, using a product comparable to the ReflectiCil Blonde Brow and following product instructions. Emilia added an extra step and put saran wrap over the bleach to intensify the coloring. Again, the results did not disappoint. 

Photo via 123 Beauty Supply

RefectiCil Blonde Brow- Bleaching Paste 0.5 oz.

Available for $25.99

Playing it Safe

For those who might be a little nervous about the semi-permanence of bleached brows, no worries! Many creators have shared the various ways they have achieved the appearance of lightened brows using cosmetics. 

TikTok creator, @swagmaster0823 killed the trend using nothing but concealer and powder! Similar to how drag queens glue their brows down, this creator put concealer directly on her brows, used a spoolie brush to texturize them, cleaned the edges, and applied a matte setting powder on top to finish. 

Image via Amazon

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

Available for $31

Photo via Morphe

M158 – Angle Liner/Spoolie Eyebrow Brush

Available for $6

Photo via Ulta

Bake & Set Soft-Focus Setting Powder

Available for $14

Creator @makeupbylexh took a slightly different approach. She began by loading up her spoolie with the Paw Paw Conclealer by Miss A, buffed it through her brows, cleaned up the edges, applied a setting powder, and finished with a concealer crayon to touch up any remaining dark spots.

Photo via Miss A

Paw Paw: Liquid Concealer Light Tones

Available for $1.55

Photo via Ulta

Dermablend Loose Setting Powder

Available for $29

Whether you’re all-in or not quite there, there are so many ways to take advantage of the bleached brows trend. So, grab your spoolie brushes and head to the drugstore. Happy experimenting!

Featutred image via @kendalljenner. Design by @arden.dickson.