THOUGHTS AND MUSINGS: Five Stylish Ways To Be A Parisian

I am obsessed with the culture of the French; whether it is the Eiffel Tower (who doesn’t love this iconic landmark?), the French language (oui, oui!) and the impeccable fashion. With Paris Fashion Week winding down, I am even more drawn to the streets of style of this French fashion capital. I dream of the day that I will be able to walk the streets of Paris with my camera, ready to capture the people and fashion in this beautiful city. Until then, I am content (kind of!) to recreate my own Parisian appearance in five awesome steps.

1. Très Chic.

Strive to dress for sophistication and exchange that puffer coat for a chic trench coat. Women in Paris are known for classic items of clothing like the famous trench coat. So be proud of your figure and don’t hide behind a bulky coat. Also, leave your distressed jeans at home and wear sleek, dark skinny jeans in place. No Parisian will be caught dead with holes in their jeans. Replace that crop top with a dressy button-down shirt as Parisians believe in style more than showing off skin. Finally, exchange your heels for flats because women in Paris believe in comfort over height; that and no one enjoys the idea of walking miles and miles in uncomfortable heels.

2. Qualité à la Quantité

Women in Paris believe in “quality over quantity.” Keep that in mind the next time you are shopping. Purchase two or three classic items that will last you years instead of several trendy items that you will wear once and immediately forget about.

3. Go Au Naturel.

“Less is more” is the French philosophy when it comes to makeup. Forget about applying tons of eyeliner, eye shadow and foundation; instead exchange those items for a bold lip and a touch of mascara. Plus, with less time before in the mirror in the morning, you can catch a couple extra minutes of sleep before class.

4. A Spray of Eau De Parfum.

In my mind, nothing says Paris like No. 5 Channel Eau De Parfum. Personally, I always feel so French every time I spray this on and it is a constant Parisian reminder throughout your day.

5. Say Oui To Confidence.

Last of all; make sure you display attitude. Besides, when you dress as chic as a Parisian, why would you be anything than super confident?