This Is The Most Unexpected Color Trending This Fall

Fall fashion is often filled with rich burgundies, deep golds and luscious browns. And while year after year, we welcome these warm tones like a big hug from an old familiar friend, there is a new (and surprising) color that seems to be overtaking our cold-weather wardrobe.

We can’t seem to get enough of whites and ivories for fall. When styled in the fabrics and textures of fall, these neutral colors feel fresh and comforting. I know, I know—we were “supposed” to stash those after Labor Day. But what can we say? We’re rule breakers (and have a weakness for ivory chunky knits).

We’re not the only ones who are digging this unexpected fall color palette. Check out these CollegeFashionista Style Gurus who are making white a staple of their cold weather wardrobe.


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