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This is the Definitive Favorite Social Media App, According to College Influencers

Today, social media rules much of our world. It’s how many choose to communicate, share news, spread art, and so much more. With the amount of platforms available, it’s easy to get lost in the social media-sphere. But that doesn’t mean we don’t see the difference in the experience between Facebook and Snapchat. Every platform has it’s own quirks that make it unique and interesting—but are some better at drawing in attention than others? To find out, I asked a few Style Gurus what their favorite social media platform is, and it turned out, we’re all on the same page (or app).

“Instagram is definitely my go-to social media app. I find so much fashion inspiration from my explore page & love that I’m quickly able to see little parts of my friends’ lives. Fashion is a very visual art so Instagram is perfect to show off how I express myself daily.” – Elizabeth Morales (Photo via @elizabethmorales)

“My favorite social media platform is Instagram. This is because it features both photography and writing, so it is able to be more artistic than just a tweet, but it is more concise and easier to view/scroll through than Facebook!” – Jordan Miller (Photo via @jordannnleee)

“My favorite social media platform is Instagram, simply because I’m a visual person and love seeing people’s feed. I’m also a sucker for a clever caption!” – Shelby Howell (Photo via @shelbyshowell)

“My favorite social media platform is Instagram by far because I can incorporate some of my biggest passions into it- photography, videography, music and writing. It’s such a versatile platform and I love how you can communicate with people around the world and share your favorite memories with them so easily!” – Tiffany Borrego (Photo via @tiffanygeovana)

“My favorite social media platform is instagram. It’s a great way to show your creative side and connect with people that have the same passion as you. Instagram is also where I get some of my inspiration from when I’m in a rut!” – Tricia Cacho (Photo via @triciaacacho)

“My favorite social media platform is Instagram because I can show pictures of what I do and what I’m passionate about. I also like keeping an aesthetically consistent grid and that my followers can feel related to my posts.” – Samia Rafeh (Photo via @samiarafeh)

“My favorite social media platform is Instagram because I’m all about photos and visuals. I love scrolling through to gain inspiration from all over along with sharing my style and inspiration to others. I believe that Instagram is definitely one of the more creative platforms that allows everyone to express their own creativity and individuality!” – Kelly Rogowski (Photo via @lovelyykelly)

“Instagram is hands down my favorite because of how much you can express yourself in such a tiny little square. Beyond pretty photos and #aesthetics, I love how users can connect with other people through their captions and by commenting on other accounts. I’ve met so many great people through Instagram, and I can’t wait to connect with more!” – Rachel Park (Photo via @therachelstory)

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