Things Will Be Fine (With Coffee)

For many Americans, coffee is an essential part of our morning routines. It gives us that much-needed boost to get through Mondays, and well, really any day that ends in ‘y.’ With coffee shops on every corner, it is no wonder that coffee has graduated from a beverage to a lifestyle. Here at Dinosaur Coffee, their slogan is simple: “Things will be fine.” For this Fashionista, they are absolutely right. Hand her a cup of steaming Joe and she is good to go!

Coffee is not only a great way to begin your mornings, but also a way to re-energize after a long day of classes. The life of a college student is bustling, to say the least, from seemingly endless lectures to balancing jobs, studying, and coursework! Without coffee, many of us would just barely be getting by. Lectures, exams, and homework assignments are not the ideal image of summer vacation, but this is a reality for students like this Fashionista trying to get ahead. After a long morning of lectures, especially on a Friday, this Fashionista heads to a local coffee shop to relax, unwind, and recharge. One delicious cardamom cinnamon latte later, and she is happy as can be.

There is something about coffee shops that make college students gravitate toward them. Perhaps it is the calming atmosphere with its warm ambiance, cozy décor, pleasant aroma, and soft music. You do not have to be a coffee drinker to love coffee shops or even coffee itself. The drink has a little bit of something to offer each of us whether it be its sweet smell, radiant warmth, or rich flavor. Let’s be real though, who doesn’t enjoy a good frappé? Coffee is the center of both student life and life in general for the aforementioned reasons and much more. A college campus without a coffee shop on the site seems incomplete and quite frankly unimaginable. Additionally, there is a huge social aspect associated with coffee. We go out to coffee to congregate with our friends, family, and co-workers as well as to study, read, and write. After all, there is no more iconic duo than a cup of coffee and a good book after a long day at school or work.

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