The CF Team’s Guide to Downtown NYC in the Summer

June 4th, 2018 at 5:00am
Things to Do in NYC in the Summer

We can’t lie—we love a good summer Friday here at the office. But while enjoying the slower pace of the season is undeniably one of our favorite parts of the warmer months, we can all agree that being able to enjoy everything NYC has to offer without having to run for cover from crazy weather is awesome, too. So, we take full advantage of the opportunity to brunch outside, stroll through parks, and explore new neighborhoods while we can. And since you’ll probably be here for your internship pretty soon, we think you should take advantage of all the things to do in NYC this summer, too.

Since the CF team will be posted up at The CF Clubhouse this June, we’ll be spending most of our time below 14th street—so naturally, we have a lot of suggestions for what to do if you’re in the area. If you’ll be there, too, keep scrolling for the CF team’s guide to doing summer right in downtown NYC.

Grab a Bite at Two Hands

Why we love it: It’s aesthetically pleasing, and it’s CF founder Amy Levin’s go-to neighborhood spot.

Amy’s insider tip: Sit at the bar. It’s great people watching and usually less of wait.”

Cost: Depends on how much avocado toast you eat.

Where to find it: It’s located at 164 Mott Street, New York, NY 10013.

Indulge in a Vegan Treat at by Chloe.

Why we love it: Norah Murphy, CF’s community engagement associate, is totally obsessed with this place. Not only is the food super healthy and delicious (it’s vegan!) but it’s beyond Instagrammable.

Norah’s insider tip: Because it’s so cute, everyone wants to go there and there’s usually a massive line, so check Yelp or Google to see when they’re less busy. That way you can get a seat and take pics—I mean eat—in style!” 

Cost: They have a pretty wide range of food and prices, so check out the full menu here.

Where to find it: It’s located at 240 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10012.

People Watch at Washington Square Park

Why we love it: NYC has a lot of exciting parks, but this one, in particular, is great because there’s lots of seating and lots of culture. Kali, CF’s brand designer, gave this recommendation, so maybe you’ll run into her there.

Kali’s insider tip: “In the 1960s, it was a hub for folk musicians, including Bob Dylan, to play together and meet other artists. Also the arch is modeled after the Arc De Triomphe which is cool if you’re like me and never got to study abroad in Paris. Also, if you watch our last recruitment video, you’ll see that pretty much the whole thing was filmed at Washington Square Park!”

Cost: Free of charge—just walk right in.

Where to find it: It’s in the heart of Greenwich Village, located at the base of Fifth Avenue between MacDougal Street and University Place.

Hang Out at The CF Clubhouse

Why we love it: Amy says that bringing College Fashionista to life in a permanent space is such a cool experience, and she loves the energy that is created by all our amazing community members.

Amy’s insider tip: I am most excited about the Saturday Sweat session with my good friend Alexandra’s studio, Bari. If you can make that event I definitely recommend it. Amazing workout!”

Cost: Totally free, which is kind of amazing considering this is New York.

Where to find it: Come hang out at 241 Centre Street, New York, NY 10013.

Unwind at Chillhouse

Why we love it: Anna, CF’s editor, loves this place for their incredible manicures and ridiculously good lattes. If you’re looking for things to do in NYC this summer that aren’t stressful, go here first.

Anna’s insider tip: “Embrace the health-lover inside of you and get the Get Me Golden Turmeric Latte—it’s honestly too good, and you’ll feel so healthy drinking it.”

Cost: Manicures can be a little pricey, but drinks will run you anywhere from $3 to $5 if you’re just there to chill and sip.

Where to find it: Go relax at 149 Essex Street, New York, NY 10002.

Explore Chinatown

Why we love it: Chinatown is one of Kali’s favorite places to go because “it’s a treasure trove of activities and food.” She suggests diving right in and exploring the endless little restaurants, desserts, random thing shops, arcades, etc.—the more you walk, the more you’ll find.

Kali’s insider tip: “This isn’t very insider because everyone loves this place—but I recommend Nom Wah Tea Parlor if you’re looking for consistent, good dim sum. There’s usually a bit of a wait if you go during the weekend, but it’s worth it because Drew Barrymore likes it and their pork buns are AMAZING.”

Cost: Walking around doesn’t cost a dime!

Where to find it: It’s south of Broome Street and east of Lafayette, but you can see where the full area is located here.

Discover New Brands at The Frankie Shop

Why we love it: “The Frankie Shop is my dream closet in a store. There a ton of unique, amazing pieces that can fit any style,” says Katie, CF’s brand marketing manager.

Katie’s insider tip: “Don’t sleep on the accessories.”

Cost: The prices of their clothing range a lot, but it costs nothing to look around.

Where to find it: Shop their Insta-worthy pieces at 100 Stanton Street, New York, NY 10002.

Eat Your Fill of Cookie Dough at

Why we love it: Carly, CF’s campaign coordinator, has a major sweet tooth, and says DŌ is her go-to spot to satisfy it.

Carly’s insider tip: “I’m obsessed with the Brookie Dough flavor, which is a swirl of chocolate chip and brownie batter. It’s basically impossible to finish two scoops (trust me, I’ve tried) so I always go with one!”

Cost: If you’re going with the classic scoops of cookie dough, the prices range from $4 to $9. You can drool over the full menu here.

Where to find it: Visit them at 550 LaGuardia Place, New York, NY, 10012.

Get in a Glowy Selfie at Glossier

Why we love it: Melissa, CF’s program director, says, “Facts: summer is hot; Glossier is hotter.” Enough said.

Melissa’s insider tip: “Glossier’s Wowder is literally a lifesaver when it comes to achieving glowy rather than shiny (read—sweaty) summer skin. Besides snapping a selfie with your pals in the infamous mirror at their NYC Showroom, also snap up this miracle product for yourself. Talk about a win-win!”

Cost: It doesn’t cost anything to browse!

Where to find it: Fill up your makeup bags at 123 Lafayette Street, PH, New York, NY 10013.

Find Your Summer Uniform at Reformation

Why we love it: Have you seen their dresses???? According to Anna, everything in the store is an absolute dream.

Anna’s insider tip: “There’s always a cheeky sign out front, so if you’re looking for a good Instagram moment, you can count on finding one there.”

Cost: Reformation pieces cost a pretty penny, but it’s free to look!

Where to find it: Shop the SoHo store at 23 Howard Street, New York, NY 10013.

Live Out Your Millennial Pink Dreams at Pietro NoLita

Why we love it: While yes, it’s an amazing Instagram spot, Katie claims the pasta is actually delicious.

Katie’s insider tip: Leave your jacket at home. It’s surprisingly small inside and can get a bit warm when crowded.”

Cost: It all depends on your appetite, but you can see their menus here.

Where to find it: You can’t miss it at 174 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY 10012.

Planning your trip? Save our map of things to do in NYC this summer to your Pinterest, or print it out to take with you on-the-go!

Things to Do in NYC This Summer