All Things Acid Washed

All Things Acid Washed

Fashion is nothing if not inclusive, so this month I decided to write about something that both Fashionistos and Fashionistas can find useful. Summer is officially in full swing, and it’s truly a relief to be able to enjoy a little well-deserved downtime. Aside from hitting the beach and binge-watching Netflix shows, you can use your extra time to try this DIY project to repurpose old clothing.

Recreate, Restyle, and Repurpose

Styles are cyclical. Different fashion trends come and go. We have the fashion innovators of the ’90s to thank for the recently resurfaced trends of chokers and ripped jeans. And, since the ’90s revival is in full effect, why not bring back one of the most interesting trends for both men and women?: Acid wash!

Acid wash clothing is created by bleaching a previously dyed garment. Whether it’s T-shirts, jeans, hats, or shoes, the effect that the bleaching process creates is artistic and looks great on everyone. The most beautiful thing about creating an acid wash design is that when you take a closer look, you realize that no two garments will end up looking exactly the same. Acid wash guarantees a look that is as unique as you are and something to build your entire ensemble around

How It’s Done

You will need gloves, a garment of your choice to bleach, a cup of bleach, a paint brush, and water. Natural fibers (like cotton) react best to the bleach. Additionally, the darker the fabric, the more shocking the contrast with the bleach will be.

Step 1—Lay your piece of clothing on a flat surface. If you want to create a freehand bleach design leave the shirt spread out. If you want to create a tie dye-inspired look, twist your shirt from the center inward.

Step 2—Put on the gloves and pour a small amount of bleach into a cup. Then use your paint brush to drizzle bleach onto your garment. The more bleach you use, the more acid washed your shirt will appear.

Step 3—After 20 to 25 minutes, wash out your garment with water. Then place your shirt in the washing machine or wait for it to air dry.

Step 4— Rock your repurposed, rad creation.

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