These are the Winter Beauty Trends College Students are Most Excited to Try

Hello Fashionistas, and welcome to a brand new year and semester! I hope you are all as excited as I am to see what 2017 has in store.

As we enter the new semester, we also face a new (and dare I say extremely cold) season. The arctic tundra winds and snow cause us to make adjustments in terms of our clothing and, more importantly, our makeup choice. Drier skin; chapped lips; watery eyes. How lovely, right?

But winter beauty doesn’t have to bleak. I caught up with some fellow Style Gurus who gave me the inside scoop on what kinds of changes they will be making to their make-up routine during this snowy season. Take that, winter!

Dewy Skin & Highlight: Style Guru Jen Petrova said, “Since my skin gets more dry in the winter, I opt for a dewy foundation instead of a matte one to make sure my skin looks healthy, moisturized, and as glowy as possible!” Going hand in hand with this is a strong and bright highlighter. In place of a bronze and gold-toned highlight, Jen utilizes a lighter highlight with pink-undertones to complement paler skin (since we all unfortunately lose our tans around this time of year).

(Photo via @jenpetrova)

Dark Tones: Style Guru Brenna Yeager chimed in and told us that during the winter time, she transitions into using darker eyeshadow colors in order to correspond with the dark neutral-colored pieces in her wardrobe. “I have been living for rich orange and red tones for eyes,” and recommends using more matte colored lips when it comes to rocking this trend.

(Photo via @brdy94)

Shimmery Shadows: Style Guru Gabrielle O’Donnell gave us the inside scoop with shimmery shadows. She said she’s loving them, especially MAC’s pigments to rock this season. “Applying them all over your eyelid creates a fun, sparkly look,” and since they come in so many colors and variations, the possibilities are endless. 

(Photo via @cfashionista)

Lots of Lashes: Most people during the winter time opt for less natural looks and go for the more daring ones. I personally like to pile on the mascara to make my eyelashes extremely voluminous and full, and in turn, make my eyes pop. If you have eyelash extensions, then you are good to go for this one. Since I do not, my trick is to have two mascaras: one old mascara and a new mascara. I first lightly coat my eyelashes with the old one as a “base” and then layer on the newer mascara. This method works wonders.

(Photo via @holla4sahana)

What was your favorite trend? Will you be rocking any of these into the winter season? Let us know in the comments below!