The Ultimate Style Guide For A Rainy Day

Nothing is worse than planning a cute outfit, then being acquainted with heavy drops of rain and gray weather that can change your whole mood. To prepare for unplanned rainy days, College Fashionista details some key ways to style your favorite pieces, even when the weather is dreary. 

For A Preppy Look

Make yourself feel sharp by wearing a power suit. If you want to wear a skirt with your empowered blazer, try styling it with loafers and a pair of white socks. The biggest game changer for wearing skirts on chilly days is layering with tights. You can start by ordering a pair of  dance tights off of amazon, instead of regular panty hose. They are more durable and thicker so they will keep you warmer. Plus, they come in a variety of skin tones so they will look way more natural and you can choose a pair that best suits you. 

You can also throw on a trench coat with warmer layers to add some preppiness. Style a trench coat, waterproof of course, with your favorite jeans and a cozy sweater. The trench coat will keep you dry and make you feel put together — instantly elevating your look to maximum chicness.

Image by cf community member @maritina.basi

For a Comfy Look

Spray your favorite Ugg Ultra Mini’s with waterproof spray so you can wear them in wet weather. Style your comfiest leggings and favorite long sleeve with puffer vest and Uggs. Uggs are the perfect shoe on a gray that’s just drizzling, keeping you warm and cozy on all of your adventures around campus. 

While rain boots are the usual go to that’s not required, any shoes with a thick rubber sole should keep you dry. Just keep an eye out for deep puddles! A pair of platform converse will elevate your look and their rubber sole will stay dry on wet campuses. Style them with a pair of jeans, avoid rips to make sure no damp winds reach bare knees, and a collegiate sweatshirt. If there is a day to rock an oversized school hoodie, it’s when it’s raining. 

For a Colorful Look

Style bright trousers with a warm sweater to look refined and comfortable. With trousers becoming more popular as an everyday piece, choose a colorful pair. Wearing red, orange or yellow is known to boost your mood, or a personal favorite, hot pink. Rock a Barbiecore inspired look to stand out from the gray forecast. 

Choose a colorful accessory. Nothing makes a rainy day easier than a pair of boots, an umbrella or a raincoat, so choose one in a fun color. Romanticize your way to class and carry it over on your shoulder. 

And, if all else fails, stay in. If it’s a rainy weekend a day might be best for your soul, but just because you are staying in doesn’t mean you aren’t styling a cute look, so grab your favorite pajama set and comfiest slippers and every main character’s most vital accessory — a face mask. Take a rainy Saturday as a sign to reset and  do some self care to relax your mind. 

And don’t worry the sun will shine again, but until it does, enjoy these tips to look and feel stylish  while  staying dry.

Featured image via @paola.ochoaa. Design by Her Campus Media.