The Two Minute Skincare Routine Every College Student Must Start Doing STAT

So often we see bloggers and celebrities with the most gorgeous skin and think, “Well they only look that way because they have a team of experts and really good photo editing apps.” And while the latter may be true, that doesn’t mean you can’t have an enviable complexion IRL.

Taking care of your skin is important not just for the obvious vain reasons, but for your health as well. Think about it—your skin is your largest organ. If you are neglecting it and constantly bombarding your skin with dirt, pollution and whole lot of other nasty stuff, you aren’t doing yourself any favors.

But taking care of your skin takes so many steps. I don’t have the time for that. Well, if you have enough time to fall into an Instagram black hole or stalk your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend’s vacation photos from three years ago, then trust us—you have the time. Because the perfect skincare routine takes less than two minutes!

Don’t believe us? Check out the five easy steps and the time it should take to complete each one.

Now on your mark, get set, glow.


Step One: Remove your makeup. This is a non-negotiable. Sleeping in your makeup is pretty much the equivalent on taking all the nasty, free radicals that you are exposed to each day and letting them marinate on your skin overnight. When has anyone ever suggested an “air pollution mask,” “pore clogging treatment” or “eye-irritating cream” as a good thing? Answer: Never.

Time: 0:00-0:20

Step Two: Exfoliate. We always want to put our best foot forward, so think of exfoliating as the skincare version of that. Removing the dead cells improves skin tone, unclogs follicles and lets your new cells come to the surface. Hello radiant complexion!

Time: 0:20-0:50

Step Three: Cleanse. Find a cleanser that speaks to your skin type/soul. (When it doubt, opt for a cleanser that is gentle yet effective.) We apply our cleanser in small circular motions to a mostly dry face. Think of a it as a mini massage for your face—because who wouldn’t want a daily spa treatment?

Time: 0:50-1:20

Step Four: Serum. I know what you are thinking: “Oil on my face? Isn’t that counter productive?” Just trust us (and a little thing called science), but face oils and nutrient complexes found in serums truly boost your skin’s appearance and health in a simple step. Just take one or two drops, gently rub it into your face and neck and move on.

Time: 1:20-1:35

Step Five: Moisturize. You have spent the past minute and half prepping your skin for the grand finale. Lock in all your hard work by moisturizing. This last step keeps your skin feeling soft, healthy, radiant and hydrated. I don’t know about you, but those are all adjectives I want to use when describing my complexion.

Time: 1:35-1:55

Oh look at that? You have an extra five seconds to spare! Use that time to admire your hard work, compliment your gorgeous self and/or take a selfie. (And if you do snap a pic, share it with us on social media! Be sure to tag @CFashionista!)