The Summer Essentials

Hey fellow fashion lovers! Summer, the best fashion season, is upon us, though some days tend to be cooler than others. Nonetheless, this following chic outfit includes the summer essentials every Fashionista/o should have in her or his wardrobe, regardless of the temperature outside.

Besides the beloved home-cooked meals, the best part about being home from college is being able to raid your mother’s closet, as long as she allows you to. Luckily, my mom and I are the same size in clothes and shoes which surely saves me time and money.

This particular outfit is a personal favorite of mine. Where do I even begin?! When I first laid eyes on these statement pants at Zara, I almost cried (#FashionistaProblems); it was love at first sight. Ripped everything is in, although these aren’t your basic ripped light wash boyfriend jeans—the embellished pearls accessorize the jeans and make them something to talk about. Pearl anything screams classy; however, when you contrast the pearls with edgy ripped jeans, you create a unique component to the outfit which will enable you to stand out and strut with flair.

If you asked me to name the most iconic duo, my answer would be leather and denim. You can rock leather during any season. I like this leather jacket because it’s light and nearly looks like a cardigan. To complement the black and white fringe messenger purse, I wore a fun white shirt with see-through stripes.

I’ll reveal a fashion secret with all of you. My choker is a piece of black satin fabric that I found laying around in my arts and crafts box. I simply wrapped it around my neck and tied it into a bow! Chokers have made quite the comeback, and thank the fashion gods that they did because they’re all the rage.

My mom lives for high designer items. Thankfully she shares her expensive habits and purchases with me. This Hermès black belt perfectly matches with the leather jacket. For any of you high designer enthusiasts, we can revel over that Hermès link together.

Last but not least: the shoes. No outfit is complete without a pair of sensational shoes, and these shoes certainly do the job. These light brown suede dress up shoes are from Anthropologie. The detail of these shoes is absolutely fabulous.

This outfit covers all my summer essentials, but remember, just like a lot of other things, fashion depends on the eyes of the beholder; that is the beauty of the broad and dynamic realm of fashion. Within this realm, we can collaborate on upcoming trends for various styles based on a wide range of eyes.

I’m so excited to see what this summer has in store and I’m even more excited to share my summer with all of you!

What are some of your rad summer essentials? Comment below or show us on social media. Don’t forget to tag @CFashionista. Here’s to a stylish, healthy, happy, and confident summer!