The Skinny of Skivvies

For so long, lingerie was only discussed 1) between close girlfriends at brunch or 2) while wearing sunglasses and in hushed tones while in your favorite department store’s “sleepwear” section. Intimates were reserved simply for, well, intimate occasions.

Now, lingerie is not only a regular topic of conversation, but physically on full display as part of fashion. Save your favorite bra for the bedroom? Ha! Now Fashionistas flaunt their sassy skivvies with everything from tank tops to crop tops, high-waisted skirts to cut-off denim.

And this trend is practical when you come to think of it. Because let’s be honest—your boyfriend isn’t going to appreciate the intricate lace detail or unique cut of a bralette nearly as much as a fellow Fashionista.

Let’s clear something up—we’re not advocating you head out to class in nothing but boyshorts and a push-up. (In fact, please don’t do that. Like ever.) But letting a little bit of your favorite lingerie peak through under a white T-shirt is the perfect balance between casual and suggestive.

To help you shop the trend, here are five brands that we are currently obsessing over in the underwear department.


1. Negative Underwear. Uncomplicated. Considered. Minimal.

2. Me Undies. Skivvies with serious personality.

3. True and Co. They are all about fit—and have a quiz to ensure you find the perfect piece.

4. Ten Undies. For the no frills yet super chic chick.

5. Cheek Frills. Bespoke lingerie as unique as your wildest dreams.

Bra in photo—Negative Underwear