The Only Five Products You Need For Your Next Beach Trip

We’re now halfway through the year, which also means we’ve reached the peak of beach-going season. By this point, we’re all itching for the next beach day with our friends. If you’re anything like me, you probably catch yourself staring longingly out the window at work, wishing you could spend all day outside (the building I work in overlooks Lake Michigan…such torture).

Of course, when that long awaited trip to the beach does come around, we might find ourselves feeling drained and not so fresh on the car/bus/train ride home. How do you keep yourself feeling like you’re Behati Prinsloo in a Vogue editorial? These five products you probably forgot to bring with you might be a good start.

Facial Sunblock: If you’ve got sensitive, acne-prone skin, then a thick coating of sun-block is the last thing you want to be rubbing all over your face. Opt for a facial sunblock that doesn’t clog pores or irritate skin.


Face Mist: It sounds a little fancy, but shouldn’t you be allowed to treat yourself once and a while? The mixture of the water, sun and sand can leave your face feeling dry, tight and uncomfortable. Hold the travel-sized can about 6 inches in front of your face and give yourself a light covering of mist.


Baby Powder: You’re most likely scratching your head thinking, “What would I need baby powder for?” Actually, baby powder is great for getting those last bits of sand off of your feet. The baby powder sucks up moisture leaving dry sand that’s easy to brush off. Pack a dry wash cloth or spare makeup brush you don’t use to get rid of leftover powder on your feet and legs.

After Sun Lotion: Maybe you fell asleep on your beach towel and got a little burnt, or maybe you’re just feeling dry after spending the day in the sun. Apply a coat of after sun lotion to prevent peeling and help your tan stay longer. Most after sun lotions are infused with aloe to help you cool off.

Body Spray: Although the beach is a fun time, it can have a certain…smell to it. Instead of having that smell linger for the rest of the day, spritz yourself with some body spray and you’ll be good to go. What scent you pick is ultimately up to you.


Don’t stop the fun as soon as you get out of the water. Pack these products with you on your next beach outing and you’ll feel fresh and revitalized enough to keep the fun going all day long.