THE MUSTS—All the fun, celebrations and random holidays you need to partake in this January

Sure, the holiday season was busy. But this month sure has a lot going for it as well! January is a time to make (and ditch) resolutions, welcome back your favorite TV shows and eat sweet treats in the name of national holidays.

Check out what is on our calendar of must-dos this January!

January 4—Trivia Day.  Ask your friends the following trivia question: “What national holiday is today?” The answer is bound to equally impress and annoy them.


January 8—The Golden Globes. You have a few days to get yourself to a movie theater and marathon watch “Manchester by the Sea,” “Fences” and “Moonlight.” And while we can’t predict the winners, we can tell you with “La La Lands” impressive seven nominations, a Ryan Gosling siting is pretty much a guarantee.


January 13—”Make your Dream Come True” Day. Book a spontaneous trip. Say hello to that cute guy you have been crushing on. Go play with a litter of puppies. Today is your day to make those dreams of yours a reality.


January 14—”Dress Up Your Pet” Day. While your cat may hate you for forcing it to wear a sweater, your Instagram followers will thank you.


January 19—”Scandal” Returns. 252 days have passed since have had some Olivia Pope in our lives (not that we’re counting or anything). Get ready for wrap coats, twisty twists and that Shonda Rhimes dra-ma that makes it totally acceptable to stay in and consume copious amounts of wine.


January 24—Compliment Day. You know how great you feel when you get a compliment? Share that feeling with a friend, family member or even a stranger. Let someone know they have a great smile, that your admire their academic prowess or that their outfit is fetch.


January 27—Chocolate Cake Day. Forget those New Year’s Resolutions and go all “Brucie” on a slice or seven of chocolate cake.