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The Magical Power This Hobby Plays in the Life of a College Student

The Magical Power This Hobby Plays in the Life of a College Student

Sometimes, we find ourselves experiencing a lull in life, especially when the weather is cold and there are less hours of daylight. What should we pursue to stay motivated? Our passions. Personally, when I am passionate about something I can physically feel it, as if my heart were to be fluttering. In life, regardless of your age or what you are studying, staying true to the things that effortlessly make you happy is extremely important. Whether you involve your passions through your major or minor, on campus clubs or organizations, through internships, within your community, or online– there is always a way to keep the joys of passion relevant in day to day life.

One thing that has always been a big part of my upbringing, as well as my grandest personal passion, is the art of photography. From a young age, I was raised with a disposable camera in my hand and a parental push to let my creativity pave the way to my future. Although, now, my go-to tool is no longer a disposable camera from the local convenience store, the art form still fuels my very being.

As I take photos, I am constantly learning. I like to understand all of the hidden capabilities within my camera and, often times, I watch online videos and read articles about ways to improve. By pursuing my passion of photography, many doors have opened that lead to new experiences, new people, new projects, and new opportunities, such as interning as a CollegeFashionista Style Guru or photographing for two published magazines.

 Photography has changed my life, without a doubt. It has changed my perspective and helped me to open my eyes. When you focus on capturing the light, it is hard to not stay energized and positive. In addition, it has allowed me to feel more confident in myself and it is rewarding to look back on. Photography captures the creativity within and allows visions to be shared visually. By blending it with marketing, art, and pleasure, photography is a skill that I enjoy practicing more than anything else.

 For those of you who are feeling stuck in life or looking to add some excitement to your days, I highly encourage you to explore the world of photography. A few tips I would like to share to beginners would be to first, learn about photo composition because there are plenty of online resources that can explain this concept further. While shooting, begin taking photos outside in soft natural lighting, such as the hour after sunrise or before sunset, and always be prepared–  whether that be with a fully charged battery or a plan of what types of photos you want to focus on.

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