The Importance of a Morning Routine

August 23rd, 2016 at 2:00am

If you wake up every morning and smack yourself for not getting your life together the night before, join the club. A major part of adulting that no one tells you about is that we all makes jokes about how we can’t get anything done in the morning, but deep down it actually makes us really sad. I text at least one person every morning saying something along the lines of, “Didn’t make it to the gym again LOLZ IT’S FINE,” in an attempt to convince myself I shouldn’t feel as guilty as I do.

If you apply Beyonce’s lyrics, “I woke up like this,” to college life, it would probably be more along the lines of, “I woke up like 45 minutes late and forgot to brush my teeth.” In other words, you did not wake up like Beyonce woke up. So read on to let me upgrade ya with sage advice on how to improve your a.m. habits to Queen Bey status.

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Get ready the night before Lay out your clothes, make your lunch—do whatever you gotta do, because it’s much easier to do before you go to bed than when you’re groggily stumbling around in the morning. (Photo via @n_agem)

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Wake up earlier than normal I’m not talking hours before your normal time, but waking up earlier is essential to having a morning routine. If you know you have to leave at a certain time and it takes you 20 minutes to get ready, wake up 40 minutes earlier. This will allow you to wake up, get organized and think about your day before it gets going without you. (Photo via @kaylabarrow_)

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Set an actual alarm clock: You probably forgot that these exist, but real alarm clocks (i.e. not your phone) are amazing for the exact reason everyone hates them—they work. Set one of these far, far away from your bed and I guarantee you’ll find yourself literally leaping out of your covers every morning. (Photo via @jennynylee)

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Prepare your morning beverage: One of the best parts of my mornings is drinking coffee. While java isn’t for everyone, having something nice to sip on is a soothing way to start the day. (@emilyciavattaa)

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Make your bed: I’m not going to pretend to enjoy making my bed—it’s probably one of the worst parts of my day if I’m being honest. Coming home to a neat, inviting bed, however, is a feeling that can’t be beat. (Photo via @shelbyshowell)

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Appreciate silence: This is probably just my introversion showing its true colors, but having quiet time in the morning is essential to maintaining my inner peace throughout the day. Take a few minutes to meditate, eat and appreciate the calmness that only happens early in the a.m. (Photo via @jnny_gry)

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Do something that makes you happy: Cuddle with your kitten, go to a sunrise yoga class—whatever you want, really. Just be sure it makes you start your day with a smile. (Photo via @errnmrn)